bipolar section graphic from "Crazy: A Creative and Personal Look at Mental Illness"
Used throughout the book to represent bipolar disorder and/or its components (mania and depression). Learn more about the book on the adams place website. Also check out the video below!
mania: red; accent yellow green and purple
depression: grayscale (sometimes slightly warmed with 3-5% saturation reds)
design elements:
manic splatter (upwards, defying gravity)
    black floral (suggesting unhealthy/unsustainable growth or production)
depression drip
    drip pattern mirrors splatter (tying together mania and depression as two sides of the same bipolar coin)
page no. icon overlay:
page number in ReservoirGrunge; icon combines mania icon and depression icon (without the text); desaturated “sepia” version for spreads containing only grayscale or muted tones (where manic colors would be inappropriate)
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