The biggest reason crazy people don't get the help they need? SILENCE. People don't talk about crazy.
This entry in our video dictionary explains why we use the word "crazy" instead of "mental illness." But more importantly, we want people to start talking about mental illness—to start talking crazy—in their everyday lives.
Talking Crazy
that's leadership
in a civil rights movement
for the rights of crazy people
ADAMS PLACE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to debunking the myths of mental illness through word, art, and education.
Video by Michael Hanna with Tami Leino Hanna and Adams Place. ©2013 Adams Place. All Rights Reserved.
Music by Michael Hanna. ©2013 Michael Hanna. All Rights Reserved.
special thanks to: Matthew Skyler Verstraete (illustrations); Chelsey Hanna (photography); Chelsey, Matt, Michael, Micah, and Sumer (interview responses about the word "crazy")
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